In 2017, partners from France and Switzerland initiated a committee to promote the candidature of Lake Leman cities to organize the 2023 UIA Congress. From this initiative was born the project of an architecture triennial around Lake Leman : LAC/Leman Architecture Connections, whose inaugural edition is scheduled for 2023 after an exploratory edition in 2020.

LAC 2020 is a popular and free event, which occurs during 2020, provided to the Lake Leman population by professionals from the urban and landscape sectors.

Proposal: to walk around the shores of Lake Leman, sometimes going back to the sources, by stages, with people who will offer differents readings; to approach the territory from various points of view.

Use walking as a knowledge instrument. Through feet and senses, learn the lake territory as a whole again, with water as a common thread.
It is about sharing, very simply, the pleasure of enlightened walking. But also to create a momentum, to bring our professional impulse to the necessary reflections on the state of the world from the peaceful and prosperous territory of Lake Geneva, conducive to innovative experiences.