A Swiss Room
to Showcase
to organise
the 28th UIA Congress



The challenge posed by this competition is to design a place-object which encapsulates the ideas behind the topic of “Architecture and Water”. It involves creating a place to showcase Lausanne’s Candidature which offers an intuitive approach to the multiple ramifications of this topic. It should, effectively, act as a laboratory of ideas. This place-object must be able to house a table and 4 chairs for discussions, presentation of the candidature, etc. It will be located in the hall of the Convention centre in Seoul.

The Swiss Room must be straightforward, economical and easy to build. It should be robust and not require equipment or a water supply and it should produce a minimum amount of waste. Mains electricity is available. Assembly time should be short – no longer than one day’s work by 3 persons. Material should be locally sourced and economically priced. The Swiss Room will have a lifetime of one week in COEX Exhibition Hall C, 3Fl., Coex Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul. The space available sizes 4 × 5m.

For further details of this conference, please download Lausanne’s candidature document which outlines this particular topic.



The Candidature organising committee is both the client and organiser of the procedure. He is supported by the SIA (Engineer and Architect Society) and the FAS (Federation of Swiss Architects).









The project competition procedure consists of one stage. Participation is exclusively aimed at architecture students from throughout the world. Teams of a maximum of 3 persons are permitted. Both participants and jury shall accept the terms of the competition based on this regulation. The winner or winning team will have the opportunity to create the Swiss Room on site, in Seoul, in September 2017 unless Lausanne should decide to withdraw its candidature prior to this date. The organising committee will cover all costs related to the Swiss Room construction.



The official competition languages shall be French and English. Dimensions are centimeters and meters.



The jury disposes of CHF 3,000 in total to be awarded in 3 prizes. The jury will choose as the winner the project which best matches the ideas behind the selected theme. Its proponents must also demonstrate its feasibility. The winner or winning team (maximum 3 persons) will receive a prize, a return trip to Seoul, registration at the 28th UIA Congress, conference accommodation and the opportunity to build the Swiss Room in Seoul between 2 and 7 September 2017.



The jury’s decisions shall be final.


Documents provided

Download the documents here

Download documents


Requested Documents

  • 1 PDF document (max 10 Mb) comprising 2 horizontal A3 drawing boards loosely illustrating the idea, its realisation, assembly details and its dimensions in centimetres. The names of the authors and a contact email address shall be included in the top right hand corner of each board.
  • 1 PDF document including valid student cards for the candidate or candidates.
  • These documents should be uploaded by July 3rd 2017 at 12.00 noon GMT at the latest. Each participant or team of participants may present only one proposal. Variants of the same proposal are not permitted.

Send documents




  • Patrick Bouchain, architect, Paris


  • Catherine Gay Menzel, architect, GayMenzel, Monthey
  • Jeanne Della Casa, architect, L-Architectes, Lausanne
  • Philippa de Roten, Director Society and Culture, RTS, Geneva
  • Sarah Nedir, architect, nb.arch, Lausanne
  • Tarramo Broennimann, architect, group8, Geneva
  • Victoria Easton, architect, Christ & Gantenbein, Basel



  • 15 May 2017 Competition launched
  • 3 July 12.00 noon GMT 2017 Final submission
  • 14 July 2017 Jury deliberation and selection of winner
  • 15 – 23 July 2017 Exhibition of projects online on www.lausanneuia2023.ch
  • 2 September 2017 Construction of the Swiss Room in Seoul by the winner or winning team
  • 3–6 September 2017 Participation of the winner or winning team in the 28th UIA Congress
  • 7 September 2017 Disassembly of the Swiss Room in Seoul by the winner or winning team



All projects remain the property of the participants. All projects and documents submitted may be used by the Organising Committee of the 28th UIA Congress, together with the identity of the contributors.